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One Day Cups are tournaments from 4 to 64 slots.
Single or double bracket or FFA type.
They take place at a precise hour, matchs are played as soon as the tournament is launched and rounds must be chained up until the final.
Once the matchs are validated, you must play the match of next round without delay.
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Money for Each Victory are Single Elimination tournaments from 4 to 64 slots.
Specificity of this type of tournament: With only one match won, you earn money!
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Fill2Play are tournaments from 4 to 16 slots with simple ou double bracket but without start date defined in advance as they launch only when all the slots are filled.
The matches of each round must be played within 48 hours.
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If you want to participate in competitions for Alliances but you don't have partners yet, click on Find Team mates.


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