Frequently Asked Questions

SKILL Points and Rankings
How to register at Feel the Skill?
Please note: you must be at least 18 years old to participate in competitions on Feel the Skill

First, note that registration is free with 2 gifts offered:
* Bonus Cash of 5€ immediately credited to your account
* 20 Premium Points

To register an account on Feel the Skill:
1. Click on Register for Free located at the top of the home page
2. Complete the fields on page Create a new account and confirm your registration
3. Click on the link in the email that we send you
You're now signed up! smiley
What should I do if I have not received the email to confirm my registration?

First, check if the email was not put in the spam folder of your mail box.

If you have not received it, contact us HERE and indicate your username and the e-mail address with which you tried to register.

What time is the time displayed on the site?
As we are an International site for players around the world, we have created a very useful function to avoid mistakes like the competitions deadline for example.
The hours that appear on the website or in forums correspond to the Time Zone you selected in your profile when registering on the site.
So if the selected Time Zone is the right one, the hour you see is the one that corresponds to the hour of your residence place.

How contact the Staff?

If you have a problem to register or log in to the site, to make a deposit or withdrawal request, a not received batch, etc ..


By cons, questions about competitions are to put on the match page and not on Contact page.

On which platforms and on which games can you play on Feel the Skill?

You could access the list of games by platform HERE

We are of course open to any suggestion. If the game you want to play is not in this list, contact us and if it's possible to do so, we will add it.

Connecting with another material than a computer
- If you connect with other equipment than a computer, it may happen that depending on the type of material that you use,
  you can't see or access certain parts of the site or the forum.
 We advise you to avoid to connect with a device that doesn't support Flash like consoles XBox, PS, Wii U, Smartphones, Tablets, etc ..
 knowing that for all websites, the best way to make everything work is to access via a PC or iMac.

My password is not working or I forgot my password, what can I do?

- Observe the upper and lower cases when you enter your password on the site.

- Click on "Request new password" in space User login and follow the instructions.

- If you are still unable to access your account, contact us by visiting CONTACT PAGE to explain your problem.

How can I change or complete my profile?

 Once you are registered and logged in Feel the Skill, you are able to edit your profile.

  1. Click on My Account in the block My Space to the right of each page.

  2. Click the Edit tab

  3. On this page, you can change your password or your email address and complete the fields to change your public profile
      Do not forget to click Save at the bottom of the page to confirm your changes.

  4. Click on User Profile that is on top of the page, fill in the requested informations and Save. 

How to change my place of residence?

To change your address on the account of Feel the Skill, you must make the request by contacting us here CONTACT PAGE
If you change the country, you will need to provide documentation confirming your new address.
To do this, scan these documents on your computer and send them via Private Message to send to STAFF Accounts  HERE

Can I have more than one account?

NO - Only one account is allowed on Feel the Skill

The opening of multiple accounts is a violation of our terms of use and will be severely punished by banishment of the offender and by the closure of all accounts that he has opened without possible recovery of any balances remaining at the moment of closing.

What are the benefits of a Premium Gamer?

For a detailed list of benefits, please visit  THIS PAGE

How to become a Premium Gamer?
CLICK HERE, you can choose between 4 memberships according to their duration from 1 month to 1 year

You can buy your Membership in 3 different ways
- either using the balance of your player account
- either by first making a deposit with your Paypal Account
- either by purchasing it directly with your PayPal Account

  If you don't have a Paypal account, see TUTORIAL PAYPAL

Once you have chosen your Premium membership, simply validate your cart by clicking on Checkout and payment options are available to you, complete the order by clicking on Submit Order and so you get the status of Premium Gamer.

SKILL Points and Rankings
Skill Points?

 You can earn Skill Points in the Money Matches and all other competitions offered on the Feel the Skill website.
 They are calculated on the experience and the success of the players.

Which Rankings?

There are 5 kinds of rankings on Feel the Skill which are all updated in real time.

These are listed below in order of importance:

1 - Monthly Ranking per game and per platform
2 - Monthly Ranking per game and on all platforms
3 - Ranking Multigamers
     To enter it, you must have played at least 3 different games on the website - This classification entitles awards for the best ones.
4 - General Rankings per month on all games and all platforms - This classification entitles awards for the best ones.
5 - General Rankings on all periods, on all games and on all platforms
     This classification is the most prestigious and entitles awards for the best ones.

How does it work?

Feel the Skill works as a secure third party allowing to set up competitions for online gamers.
The registration fees to participate in a online competition are automatically deposited on a neutral account.
Once the competition finished and after that the results has been reported and verified by each player, the winners accounts are automatically credited.

What is a Money Match?

A Money Match allows you to challenge an opponent in a one-on-one match with money winnings.

How to create or participate in a Money Match, see the tutorial that explains how to proceed.

What is an Alliance?

An Alliance is an association of several gamers who have decided to ally for a competition.

To learn how to join or create an Alliance and validate the roster, see the Tutorial that explains how to proceed.

What is a bracket tournament?

In Bracket tournaments, you must win your match to advance to the next round.
Each round of a bracket tournament cuts the number of players by half until that only the winner remains.

We offer two types of tournament bracket:

Tournament by direct elimination with a simple bracket.
In this case, if you lose a match, you're eliminated from the competition.

Tournament by double elimination with Winner and Looser bracket.
In this case, if you lose a game in the Winner Bracket, you're not yet eliminated, you spend in the Looser Bracket and you still have a chance to win the competition.

What is the settlement of competitions?

For all questions that may arise when one wants to participate in a competition such as how to register, who must host the game, how to take evidence, what happens in case of disconnection, how to enter the scores, etc. .... See General settlement of competitions.

Know that all arbitrations are processed directly on the match page so at the sight of all.

How to add a member of the site as Friend?
Just click on the member username you want to add as Friend
Once on his profile, you must click the Add as Friend button which is under his avatar down the column
Then confirm your request by clicking Send
You must now wait until your request is accepted or rejected
To manage your requests and the list of your friends, click My friends in the Block My Space
Can I send a private message to one or more persons on the site?

It is possible to send a private message to all other registered users.

To send a private message, go to player profile you wish to contact and under his avatar, click Send PM

If you are a Premium Gamer, you have the opportunity to talk to 15 people at the same time!

Here's how it works:
Once you have clicked Send PM in the player profile you want to contact first, you need to enter in the field A the usernames of other participants you want to invite into the conversation and separated by commas.

Example: If you want to talk to 3 other people, you must first click on Send PM in the first player profile with which you wish to discuss, username1.
In the Field A, the name of username1 appears and you have to add other participants like this: Username1, Username2, Username3 then note the subject and send the message.

Now you can chat with these three other people and if you wish, you can add other people yet, for this you must click on Forward conversation to others and proceed in the same way. You can chat with 14 other people at the same time!

How do I paste a text, a link or an image in my messages?
If your message window is completely empty, you must first
Press the Enter key on your PC keyboard then the Delete key and then paste the text
How can I insert images or videos in my posts?
Using of Smileys

To use the Smileys located above the text window, select the smiley with your mouse and drag it until the place where you want to place it in your message.

How to make a deposit into my Feel the Skill account?

First you have to know that all of our financial transactions are handled by PayPal, the leader in secure online payment systems.

To deposit, simply go to THIS PAGE
Follow the link to see the benefits offered when you make a deposit, like a Bonus Cash of 20% or Premium Points.
The minimum deposit is 10€.

If you do not have a Paypal account, see TUTORIAL PAYPAL

Once you have chosen the amount of your deposit, simply validate your cart by clicking on Checkout and payment options are available to you, complete the order by clicking on Submit Order and your account will be immediately credited.

I try to deposit but there is an error or I made a deposit but the money is not on my account, what can I do?

It can happen for variable reasons as for example not having enough money on your card, your card has restrictions so the attempted deposit doesn't go through, issues with your browser, the firewall settings of your computer, etc...

Explain your problem on  CONTACT PAGE

How do I withdraw money from my account?

You may request a withdrawal at any time by accessing the Withdrawal Request page.

Feel the Skill will deposit money into your PayPal account.

Transaction fees are applied to each withdrawal. The amount is 3€.

The minimum required to make a withdrawal request is 20€.
Note: To make the first withdrawal, you must first have played a total of 50€ in competitions on the site.

How long does it take for my withdrawal request to be processed?

The amount request on withdrawal will be transferred to your Paypal account usually within a maximum period of 72 hours
if all requirements are met as for example if the player agrees to have a valid PayPal account or to transmit the information to verify identity if staff requests it.



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