Updating on 19 August 2016

List of benefits for Premium Gamers

- The Service Fee for Money Matches is ONLY 5% instead of 10% for other players

- You can earn Bonus Cash or Premium points doubled in the Leaderboard - See HERE
All entries for competitions allow you to get Premium Points and these points allow you get gifts - See HERE
  For every 1€ hired as entry fee in a Money Match or another competition, you will get 1 Premium point
  Example: for a Tournament of 5€ entry fee, you get 5 Premium Points
- You earn additional Premium Points during operations Happy Hour  -  See HERE
  Current offer: the points are tripled until 30 September 2016

- You can participate in Tournaments reserved to Premium gamers and earn Bonus Cash, Premium Points or gifts
   in addition to Cash Prize


- Possibility to earn Premium points in the competitions even if you do not reach the ranks with cash winnings

When you take a membership, Premium Points are offered
When you deposit money in your account, Premium Points are offered
- A Premium dedicated space is reserved to you in the forum and it is also accessible by your player profile.
  You can put everything about you as long as your comments respect the Charter Comments such as your results, your record of
  achievements,photos, videos, etc ...
  Note that other Premium members can communicate with you on this space

- Access 
playing games for free or discounted rates in the Forum as Bingo game for example

- You can 
present us your videos, screenshots, photos or drawings and if selected, they will be added to our
  Multimedia galleries

- Possibility to import your own avatar instead of choosing an avatar in the gallery offered by the site

- Right to put a logo on your pages Alliances in competitions
- Possibility to change your username on the site ( maximum 2 times per year)
- Access to Forums reserved to Premium Gamers

- Ability to
create Topics in the Forums

- Possibility to attach a motto and a signature under all your comments on the Site and the Forum

- Possibility to have a conversation with several people in private messages. The maximum is 15 people simultaneously.
  See the procedure in the FAQ

The red ribbon with Premium inscription that you can see at the top of this message will be put under your avatar
   Your username will appear in orange color throughout the site

- In Block Who's Online? the   icon will appear in front of your pseudo in orange colour

- Enjoy well all these benefits ! ;)

To know about Premium Memberships prices Go HERE

Special Offer Website Launch valid until 30 September 2016 Go HERE


STAFF Competitions's picture
United Kingdom

Joined: 01/01/2015

The number of benefits is incredible!  :10:    not to miss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STAFF Moderation's picture
United Kingdom

Joined: 01/01/2015

I agree, very impressive !   :approve:   my wish for this year is that many Premium gamers play on this site :39:

STAFF Multimedias's picture
United States

Joined: 01/01/2015

Premium gamers are very very spoiled!!!!   :29:

STAFF News's picture
United States

Joined: 01/01/2015

and other privileges will be added thereafter  :39:

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Happy Hour - till 31 March

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