BETA Tournament - Killer Instinct

Area: Europe Platform: PC-XB1 Crossplay

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Players registered
Current Cash According To Registrations
1. 5.00 €
3. 3.00 €
4. 2.50 €
5. 2.00 €
6. 2.00 €
7. 1.00 €
8. 1.00 €

Deadlines and Modalities
Round 1:

Matches of this tournament must be played as soon as previous games are completed.

Matches from Winner Bracker Round 1 and 2 and Looser Bracker Round 1 and 2 must be played off stream and scores must be entered by each player on their match page.

All matches from Winner Bracket Round 3 and Looser Bracket Round 3 will be streamed and commented by Feel The Skill therefore all players still qualified must be online on Xbox Live during all the tournament.
FTS Staff will enter the scores of the streamed matches instead of the players, this to save time.

If the number of players registered is 20 or less, all the tournament will be streamed from Round 1.

You must add the gamertag Akudesyn in your friend list to make easier the lobby invitations.

If you are already registered in the tournament before the registration deadline, you can already send your friend request before the beginning of the tournament.

- The buttons Matches List and Bracket appear when
  the registrations are closed

- You have 15 minutes to play the match of the first
  round and 10 minutes for the following rounds
- The timer is triggered when the match page is
Earnings for this competition
Number of winners and rewards guaranteed for 8 to 16 slots

Trophies Rank Bonus CASH Other rewards Premium Points
- 1 4.00 € - -
- 2 3.00 € - -
- 3 2.00 € - -
- 4 1.00 € - -
- 5-16 0.00 € - -

Number of winners and rewards guaranteed for 17 to 32 slots

Trophies Rank Bonus CASH Other rewards Premium Points
1 5.00 € - -
- 2 3.50 € - -
- 3 3.00 € - -
- 4 2.50 € - -
- 5-6 2.00 € - -
- 7-8 1.00 € - -
- 9-16 0.00 € - -
- 17-32 0.00 € - -

The winnings are automatically credited to the players account at the end of the competition.

Rule of this Competition
For Versus 1v1

Menu    Go to Multiplayer  > Fight  > Exhibition

Minimum Rank: Qualifers
Maximum Rank: Killer

Invite Player

It's a match Best of 3, whoever wins 2 fights wins the match.

For the Final, it's a match Best of 5, whoever wins 3 fights wins the match.

For Double Elimination tournaments , the final Looser Bracket is also in Best of 5

What is a Double Elimination tournament?

A bracket represents the matchs already played or to be play in a tournament.
A bracket is divided into several rounds and each player must win his match to advance to the next round in the bracket and the loser is eliminated.
This is the running of a Single Elimination bracket.
Empty slots are replaced by the mention No Opponent.
If you are against a No Opponent instead of an opponent, you win the match by default and you automatically go to the next round.
For information: on Feel the Skill, placement of players in the bracket is determined by an automated random toss.


A double-elimination tournament is divided into two parts:
the main tournament represented by the Winner tournament bracket and the secondary tournament represented by the Loser Bracket.
At the end of each round, the winners pursue the Winner Bracket as in a Single elimination tournament.
The losers join the Loser Bracket and compete to stay alive but a second defeat leads to a definitive elimination of the tournament.
The Grand final oppose the winner of the Winner Bracket against the winner of the Loser Bracket.
The winner of the Winner Bracket must win one match to win the Grand final while the winner of the Loser bracket must win 2 matchs,this in order to respect the principle of the tournament and avoid the fact that the winner of the Winner bracket loose the tournament on only one defeat in the end whereas he won all his matches before.


For competitions with specified date
- The match is to be played as soon as the match page is created.
- The delay time limit is 15 minutes maximum for Round 1 and 10 minutes for other rounds.
  Whoever does will not be presented in the lobby in the maximum 10 minutes may be déclared as forfeit

- When an opponent has returned scores, the other has a variable time depending on the game to accept or challenge
  The remaining time is indicated by a timer

For competitions without specified date ( Fill2Play for example )

- You must note your availabilities to play this match in the comments of the match page.

- If the game is not played before the deadline, the victory is given to one who has made the greatest efforts to obtain an appointment
  in comments on the match page otherwise the both opponents are declared as forfeit.

- The delay for presenting at appointment time indicated is 15 minutes maximum
  If the game is not played at the scheduled time of appointment, the one who does not respect the time to play the game will be
  declared forfeit.

- When an opponent has entered score, the other has 24 hours to accept or challenge the result
  The time remaining is indicated by a timer

- If you want to stream your matches, you can report it by sending the link of your stream by Private Message to STAFF Multimedias
- The Stream will be indicated in the Calendar Streaming before the start of the match or the competition
- If selected, it will be transferred on our Twitch channel or attached to a dedicated chatroom.
- No spectators during matches unless agreement of the two opponents that should be noted on the match page
- If you are a Premium gamer, you can present us a video of your matchs played on FTS and if it is selected,
  it will be added to our Multimedia galleries.


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