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Terms & Conditions
By using the website Feel The Skill, you acknowledge having read and accepted the conditions set out in these terms and conditions as well as the objectives and methods of treatment they require.


1. Version
2. Generality and legal compliance
3. Legislation according to country of residence
4. Definitions
5. Field of Use
6. Cancellation, Duration and Termination of Contract
7. Deposits and Withdrawals
8. Premium and Gifts
9. Entry fees and Winnings
10. Services and management fees
11. Prohibitions and Penalties
12. Players Promotion
13. Intellectual Property
14. Data Protection
15. Reference to Privacy Policy, Liability Disclaimer,
Imprint and rules of various competitions

16. Modification of Terms and Conditions

1. Version

This version 01 of the terms and conditions of the Feel The Skill website is dated 18 February 2016. It replaces all previous versions.

2. Generality and legal compliance is a platform dedicated to video games that are considered games of skill and not as games of chance and our website only offers games based on the player's skill that are called Skill Games, there is no games called games of chance on Feel the Skill.
Site users have the ability to play matches in different formulas of competitions with other players and to win real money, prizes or other rewards.
It is also a community platform with forums, multimedia area, news, etc ..

By these terms, Feel The Skill hope to fully inform you about the conditions of its website use. is at your disposal for any further question.
Simply use the Website Contact page AVAILABLE HERE

By accessing our website you are likely to encounter information about third-party sites that considers as potentially interesting for you. Your access to third-party sites is the sole responsibility of the people visiting Feel The Skill website, especially regarding the acceptance of legal rules governing the use of third party websites.

The following rules govern the contractual relationship between Feel The Skill and individuals using the online services offered by Feel The Skill (here referred to as "users" , "players" or "gamers"). These terms also define the conditions of use of the User Content in connection with Feel The Skill websites which can send or download on the site, such as emails, contributions in forums, comments, content media etc ...

These Conditions are subject to French laws. Unless otherwise provided by mandatory law, the Player agrees that the courts of the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Orleans will only have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, conflict or any dispute concerning the Terms and Conditions.

The invalidity of individual clauses of these Terms shall not invalidate the remaining clauses.

3. Legislation according to country of residence

The user acknowledges to comply with the legislation in force in their country of residence, according to the principles outlined in the disclaimer provided on the site In case of non-compliance with these rules, the contract will be deemed non-concluded.

4. Definitions

4.1. Types of Users

Feel the Skill distinguish two main types of users, Gamers (from the initial deposit) and Premium Gamers.

The two types can participate in competitions but a Premium gamer receive more services, features, benefits, access than a Gamer.

4.2. Registration

The use of Feel The Skill online services requires user registration as a player. Registration is free.

There is no entitlement to registration, that is to say, Feel The Skill reserves the right to refuse any entry without justification.

4.3. Player Username

The player's username must be different from e-mail or Internet address, must not violate the rights of a third party and contrary to morality.

4.4. Password

For security reasons, the password must not be identical to the player's username and can be changed later by the user. The password must not be composed of sequences of digits (e.g. "2345678") or letters (e.g. "ABCDEFG") but rather a combination of numbers and letters and if possible with special characters. The user undertakes to not disclose his password to third parties and to change it regularly (at least every 6 months).

Please note that the form for registration and password change indicates a level of protection to help the player to choose a secure password.

If the user does not respect the compliance commitments to Liability Disclaimer and if a third party having knowledge of the password changes in its account or takes part in the games on his name, Feel The Skill user is responsible and can not claim damages from Feel The Skill. In addition, Feel The Skill undertakes to not disclose the password of users to third parties, except in case of legal constraint.

4.5. Multiple Registrations

It is forbidden to have multiple accounts for the same player on Feel The Skill. Similarly, a Player account can not be transferred to a third party.

4.6. Competition Rules

Each competition proposed by Feel The Skill has its own rules available on every competition page.
Before the competition, the player declares having read and comply with this rules.

5. Field of Use

Users can take part in the competitions offered by Feel The Skill on its competitive online gaming platform. On some games, you may be ask preconditions set by Feel The Skill such as the type of player (Premium Gamer or Gamer), the player's residential area and a dedicated server if necessary.

The user is entitled to access to the website and to all its functions but within the limits of current technical conditions.
Temporary restrictions may occur due to technical issues such as interruption of telecommunications, power cuts, program errors, hardware problems,etc...

Players are responsible for updating their hardware and their software. It is the same for access to the Internet.

Feel The Skill performs maintenance work to ensure performance, security and integrity of the server platform and inform users ponctually. Some or all functions of the website are then inaccessibles. Current competitions or to begin during maintenance work are extended. Then users will have to report the results or play matches when the website is back online.

6. Cancellation, duration and termination of contract

The user can exercise his right of cancellation without justification during the two weeks following the contract conclusion.
For that simply use the contact page AVAILABLE HERE

The right of cancellation is nevertheless canceled as soon as the user takes part to a competition on Feel The Skill before the end of 14 days.

The balance being on the player's user account will be refund within 7 working days after verification of withdrawal conditions.

Accordance with terms and conditions, the user can make a withdrawal from a minimum amount of 15€. If the amount available on his account is less than 15.00€ at the termination time, the user can not be refunded and it will not be replaced in any form.

Feel The Skill reserves the right to terminate a contract with a notice period of two weeks and still retains the right to make exceptional terminations, to delete the player account or to exclude players in case of force majeure.

7. Deposits and Withdrawals

7.1. Deposits and Premium Membership

All banking transactions either using a PayPal account or credit card are handled by Paypal, no bank data are stored on Feel The Skill.

The minimum amount to deposit is 10.00€.
As soon as you receive the transaction confirmation by Paypal to your email account, your account is immediately credited on with the amount chosen at time of deposit and the same for the grant of Premium status.

Transactions history is available in the "Payments" tab on your player profile on the website.

If for some reason your account is not credited, thank you to immediately contact the staff of the website by the Contact page AVAILABLE HERE

7.2. Withdrawals

The minimum amount for a withdrawal is 20€ and each withdrawal is subject to 3€ processing fee.
- To make the first withdrawal, you must first have played a total of 50.00€ in competitions on the site.
- The Bonus Cash obtained on the website are not eligible for withdrawal.

The amount requested for withdrawal will be transferred on your Paypal account usually within a period of 72 hours if all requirements are met as a valid PayPal account or the transmission of the papers to verify his identity if the staff requests it.

If the 72 hours delay is exceeded, Feel The Skill undertakes to keep the player informed about tracking of his withdrawal request as soon as possible.

You can withdraw only through a PayPal account and Feel The Skill is not responsible for expenses common to all transactions made from Paypal which may differ depending on the country of residence. To have more information thanks to visit Paypal website.

8. Premium, Shops and Points

8.1. Premium

Premium status offers a wide list of benefits to the player who subscribed it, you can get them on this page: To become a Premium Gamer?

Note that you can also pay your Premium membership with the money available in your account.
An email notification will be sent 10 days before the expiration of your Premium status to remind you that you need to renew your membership to maintain the benefits of it.

8.2. Gifts and Premium Points

If you are a Premium Gamer, for each signup, you will earn Premium Points in paying competition.

The Points are given once competitions are finished.

Premium Points allow you to select different gifts on this page: Premium Gamers Gifts
If the selected gift is a code to enter online, for example the renewal of Xbox Live Membership, it will be given by a Staff member in a private message.

If it is a physical object, Feel The Skill may require a checking of your address to avoid shipping problems.
Feel The Skill will not be liable for any delivery delay because they depend on third party which are for example transport companies, online stores, etc ...

9. Entry fees and Winnings

9.1. Entry Fees

By taking part to a competition, the player gives irrevocably the permission to Feel The Skill to take from his player account the amount that corresponds to the entry fee to register for this competition. However, you may cancel your registration provided that the maximum number of slots is not reached or if the registration deadline is not exceeded. The signup cancellation is immediate and without no charge. The registration fee is definitely committed when the registration is closed. The amount of entry fees varies according to the competition and it will be indicated to the player in the announcement of the competition.

9.2. Winnings

For a Money Match, the potential prizepool is displayed when the first player registers.

For tournaments and leagues, the potential winnings amount depends on the number of registered players and on the competition page, a live prize pool is updated after every signup.

Note that the maximum prize pool posted before the end of signups in competitions (excluding Money Match) may become bigger when it comes to competitions with Alliances. Indeed, part of the amount of substitutes is added to the prize pool.

For members who have not made a first deposit, the earnings are Bonus Cash and are therefore not eligible for withdrawal.

Feel The Skill will not be liable for any delivery delay because they depend on third party which are for example partners, transport companies, online stores, etc ..

10. Fees and Management Fees

10.1. Services fees

On each competition, services fees are paid and deducted from the total prize pool, they represent commissions taken by the site and vary according to the competition type.

The final amount of the total prize pool of the tournament is set at the end signups.

Here are the different commission rates according to the type of competition:

- 10% for Money Matches 1vs1 to 11vs11 - 5% for Premium members

- 15% for other formulas such tournament or league eg.

The commission may vary for satellite tournaments.

10.2. Management fees due to inactivity

A player is considered as inactive when he is not involved in a competition.

If a player is inactive for ninety (90) consecutive days, maintenance costs of 2.00€ will be deducted from his account on the site.
If the player's account stills inactive, 2.00€ will be deducted every thirty (30) days.

11. Prohibitions and Penalties

Behaviors forbidden in Feel The Skill regulation:

- Intentional Communication of invalid data, misleading, incorrect or incomplete
- Misleading statement about his age knowing that the minimum required on Feel The Skill is 18+ to have the right to participate in
  competitions on the site

- Opening multiple accounts for the same player
- Providing false proofs to mislead the result of a match
- Intentional provocation during a match of a disturbance or an operating error in order to influence the flow of the game or to interrupt a game
- Unwarranted dispute for inadmissible reasons or unproven accusations
- Agreement between opponents to conspire against another opponent in the game to distort the results of a match
- Playing with a game or a console pirated which is bringing modifications in game by giving himself advantages over his opponents

When members communicate on the site or exchange private message conversations, they undertake not to publish the comments:

- Including showy or hidden advertising
- Subjective, intentionally false, abusive, derogatory, defamatory, offensive or pornographic or unlawful
- Injuring the rights of third parties such as game publishers and partners
- Including viruses or programs that may affect the operation of other computers
- Including surveys or chain letters
- Exclusively destined to the dissemination of political, ideological or religious messages
- Intended to gather, store or use personal information from users without permission, especially for commercial purposes

Feel The Skill has the right, in case of abusive behavior or suspicion of abusive behavior towards all conditions governing the use of its sites, to block or exclude a player or a player account and to terminate the contract use without notice.

All signups in competitions of this player will be canceled in this case and his results will not be considered.
On the other hand, the player must take charge of any expenses he has ocurred.

In addition, in the event of exclusion or contract termination, the player must pay a contractual penalty to Feel The Skill.
The amount of this contractual penalty matches the total amount available in his account.

Feel The Skill reserves the right to seek damages and it is up to the player to prove that the harm is minimal or there is no harm.

Feel The Skill has a retention right on the balance amount of the players accounts in case of right to damages or to pay third-parties who have been dispoiled by a player.

If problems of any kind occur during the use of Feel The Skill services, that is to say related to competitions, player accounts, etc., the member has opportunity to report them within 30 days.
Feel The Skill reserves the right to consider or not consider problems or complaints after this delay.

12. Players Promotion

Players declare to accept the publication of their player's username, photos or recordings as well as the type and amount of earnings in a competition, whether for advertising purposes, coverage of a competition, published in print, radio, television, Internet, etc...

The use of these data gives no right to any compensation from Feel The Skill.

13. Intellectual Property

By creating an account or participating in any competition or game offered on the Site and using the Feel the Skill Services, you agree that any content on the site including conception, texts, graphics, design, photos, podcasts, videos and all softwares included in Services (collectively named the "Content") is the property of Feel the Skill.
You agree not to modify, publish, participate in the transfer or sale of derivative works or products or to exploit the Content in any way.

Feel the Skill does not guarantee that your use of Content will not infringe rights of third parties. Although Feel The Skill is making great efforts to include accurate and updated information, Feel The Skill makes no warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any content and assumes no liability or responsibility for the errors or omissions in the content.

The trademarks, logos and services name (collectively the "Trademarks") displayed and making part of the Content, including titles of all games and competitions can be registered as trademarks and unregistered trademarks of Feel The Skill or Third Party.
Nothing contained on the Website should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel or otherwise to any license or right to use a Trademark displayed on the site without the written permission of Feel The Skill or of the Trademark Third Party owner.
Your misuse of any Trademark displayed on the Site, or any content, except as provided in these Terms and Conditions copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property restrictions, is strictly prohibited. You are also informed that Feel The Skill will enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including but not limited to the active pursuit of civil litigation and the orientation of the criminal and quasi-criminal prosecution if appropriate.

14. Data Protection

The user agrees to provide complete and correct information when registering on Feel The Skill, e.g. a valid e-mail address, username, password, name and first name, date of birth, address, possibly the phone or mobile phone, as well as information about his identity or passport if required by website. Feel The Skill can not guarantee the availability of an username or a password.

Feel The Skill reserves the right, when the data are wrong, to challenge the contract, to exclude the player and to refuse payment of earnings or the player account balance. If the player doesn't inform Feel The Skill about a change in his personal information, Feel The Skill will consider the latest information data as valid and can not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by a late data refresh.

The user undertakes to notify to Feel The Skill any changes of personal data occurred after registration, for example by sending a message via the Contact page of the website: AVAILABLE HERE or modify or update himself his data on the website.

The user is invited to consult the page about the Privacy Policy of Personal Data.
By accessing Feel The Skill website, the user agrees to adhere to that Privacy Policy.

15. Reference to Privacy Policy, Liability Disclaimer, Imprint and rules of various competitions

The user accepting these Terms and Conditions acknowledges Liability Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Imprint and rules of various competitions governing the use of sites managed by Feel The Skill.

Links to access:

Privacy Policy
Liability Disclaimer
General settlement of competitions

16. Modification of Terms and Conditions

For any useful reason, Feel The Skill reserves the right to change its terms and conditions. In this case, the changes will be clearly identified. It is up to the user to take notice and if he want it, to request that his data have to be modified or deleted according to the procedure described in the charter relating to personal data or to request termination of the contract according to the procedure described above. Without express manifestation of his hand, Feel The Skill will consider the changes as accepted.

Once you have created your account, you will receive an email to complete your registration
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